6 Kitchen Trends You’ll Flip Over This Year

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6 Kitchen Trends You’ll Flip Over This Year

6 Kitchen Trends You’ll Flip Over This Year

We’re approaching the time of year many people begin working out their renovation plans – kitchens being a hugely popular spring project. With all of the options and ideas floating around out there on sites like Pinterest and Houzz, I’ve put together 6 top notch design trends you might take some inspiration from if a remodel is in your near future.

Open Shelving

This trend takes a commitment to orderliness and organization, but it’s one of the most gorgeous looking kitchen trends on the block. Open shelving creates such a sense of airiness and openness – it allows the kitchen to breath, and promotes a more minimal design flavor. Groupings of glossy white dishware, milk glass, and pared down crystal on live-edge or lacquered finished shelving add such warmth and charm; consider revamping some of your upper cabinets if storage space allows, and open up your kitchen to this striking trend.

Graphic Tile

You’ve probably noticed just how hot the graphic tile trend is of late… eye-catching and dramatic, veering away from more traditional shapes and materials and opting for something totally fun and playful is a great way to take your kitchen from drab to fab instantly. It definitely means taking a huge leap towards the unconventional, but honestly, that’s typically where the best design magic happens. Perfect for existing kitchens needing a pick-me-up or new kitchens wanting to add curated interest and stand out, fully tiled cabinetry walls with feature niches or gorgeous range hoods create a unique and fresh aesthetic.

Inlaid Tile Runners

Easy maintenance, and extra dynamic – inlaid tile kitchen runners between perimeter cabinetry and kitchen islands or peninsulas are the perfect way to mix it up if you’re not 100 % sold on running hardwood throughout. With all of the amazing patterns and styles now available, you can make it as classic or crazy as you want it to be.

Feature Pantries

An attractive addition to the hub of the house, beautiful pantries are the new kitchen porn when it comes to what homebuyers and homeowners looking to renovate find irresistible at the moment. In homes where square footage is at a premium, savvy space planners are converting broom closets and tiny nooks into custom showcases, housing everyday essentials in a more designerly approach. Large glass doors, bright decorative lighting, and beautiful custom shelving can turn a closed off closet into a gorgeous pantry with huge wow factor.

Wrap Arounds

For oddly shaped kitchens, or spaces needing some additional detail, the wrap-around counter with lower cabinets isn’t something you see every day, but has a highly custom and built-in look. Instead of stopping your run of cabinetry at the corner of two walls, consider wrapping it around the corner and continuing on in the other direction.

Sculpted Islands

I always feel like the kitchen island is usually the star of the show – the one thing you can really feature and have fun amping up the detail on. Islands have really been taking shape over the last few years, and 2017 is all about the sculpted island: think faceted and contoured edges, geometric shapes, extra thick end gables, waterfall edges, and extraordinary materials and finishes… kitchens everywhere will be pushing the design envelope with impressive and innovative master islands.


Crispin Butterfield owns Urban Theory Interior Design, and has been designing savvy residential and commercial spaces across Western Canada for the past 14 years