Fabulous Gold Decor


Gold is definitely in and here to stay! I’ve become much less hesitant to throw hints of it into design projects, and I’m confident you can warm up to the idea of bits and pieces of it as smaller decor items in your spaces too. If you thought gold was history, think again – warm […]

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Hot Fireplace Design Ideas


With local temps finally starting to warm up, it may seem like a strange time to write a piece on fireplace design… but great ideas and inspiration don’t discriminate with the seasons! My clients are building, no matter the time of year, and a common design feature in almost every new home it seems is […]

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Psychology Of Colour


If you’ve ever stood in front of a paint chip display and felt more than a tad overwhelmed, this article is for you! There is an entire science behind colour, from the way they’re created down to how they affect our temperaments and appetites. Putting aside the truly technical data, I’ve broken down some common […]

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Hang Art Like a Pro


This week’s column is short and sweet – it won’t take long to find your perfect picture hanging combination after you read this! STAIRS I often suggest to clients that they follow the line of the stairs when putting up pictures along a stairwell wall… if you keep with the diagonal flow of the stairs, […]

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Interior Design Style Secrets


Do you ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of some of your favorite interior design inspirations? What’s the story behind all those style choices and aesthetics? I was recently asked to break down the design of a gorgeous executive-style lake home we collaborated on from top to bottom, and here’s a sneak peek […]

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Why You Need a Designer


You’re about to embark on a new build or renovation, and inevitably the question of whether or not to hire a designer comes up. Do you, or don’t you? Design has become much more mainstream over the years, and for good reason: builders, developers, and savvy homeowners all know the importance of joining forces with […]

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