Fabulous Gold Decor

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Fabulous Gold Decor

Fabulous Gold Decor

Gold is definitely in and here to stay! I’ve become much less hesitant to throw hints of it into design projects, and I’m confident you can warm up to the idea of bits and pieces of it as smaller decor items in your spaces too. If you thought gold was history, think again – warm washes of rich yellows, ochre’s, and aged brass are popping up all over the place. If you’re wanting to jump on board, here are some ways to get going with gold…


I’m loving bed-side and cocktail tables finished with opulent touches of gold and brass (think glazed fronts, piping details, and statement-making hardware) – they glimmer and have that extra touch of finesse you just don’t get with wood or glass materials. Simple and stately, gilded furniture fits into many different styles of decor, but looks especially handsome in crisp, more tailored atmospheres.


It used to be that anything with brassy finishes was the first to go when I got my hands on a kitchen renovation. Lighting, hinges, hardware… if it was yellow, it hit the dust bin. I’ve changed my tune lately however; some of my favorite cabinetry hardware is… wait for it… gold. I especially love handles and pulls with slightly burnished washes, and those that are mainly black with bits of spun gold peeking through. If you have dark or espresso stained cabinets, consider switching out your hardware – brushed nickel is still nice, but richly finished hardware in glimmering shades of gold is a better way to add polish and shine to your existing kitchen.


Have you seen the delicious looking pendants out there from Tom Dixon? Appearing in every design magazine and on every design blog recently, these high-style babies are sleek, contemporary, and add subtle drama to interiors built upon minimalist design elements.  Mixing round and square, large and small pendants creates a stunning and original grouping… something to try if you’re looking to make a truly unique and distinctive statement.


A design favorite for many, the classic Starburst mirror (even before gold hit the scene) has been creating drama for years. Inspired by mid-Century antiques, modern-day pieces offering a bright textural circle at the center dipped in gold makes this guy an instant classic. Try experimenting with gold-leafed decorative bowls, serving trays, candle holders and votives, picture frames, amber glass vases, plate chargers, and even snazzy toss pillows for gentle introductions of the metal into your existing spaces.


A belief I have for almost every space, touches of black are a must, especially in spaces laced with gold embellishments. Black visually grounds your interiors and adds a compelling edge most metallic finishes radiate next to. If you’re looking for that ultimate chic combination of colours to use with your new found love of gold, a gorgeous palette of black, gold, cream, pearl, and linen will seal the deal in a heartbeat.


Crispin Butterfield owns Urban Theory Interior Design, and has been designing savvy residential and commercial spaces across Western Canada for the past 15 years. Want to work with Crispin? Get in touch! Info@urbantheoryinteriordesign.com