We pride ourselves on our distinctly modern-organic portfolio, and unwavering commitment to quality. With chic projects across the Western provinces, our team helps businesses and savvy homeowners who are ready to build, renovate, expand, or relocate.

It’s not hard when someone else is guiding you through the process. And when we’re involved, you know you’re in the best of hands. Over 15 years of experience has taught us these six integral steps are the key to getting a project done right…

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Let's Get Started On The Right Foot

Beginning with an initial Discovery Meeting, we’ll develop a scope of services, and iron out all the details to avoid any major surprises. We want to make sure we’re all on the same page and ready to undertake a rewarding project.

Project Planning – First we’ll need to get organized and develop a project schedule outlining key milestones (deliverables, meetings, approvals, and payments)

Contract & Notice to Proceed – At this step we’ll present you with a detailed and clear fee contract that outlines the project scope and design fee billing. Sign off with initial payment, and we’re ready to go!

*Please note our minimum project design fee is $5,000 ex: small scope, one-room

Programming & Info Gathering

They say “measure twice, cut once” – we take this to heart by gathering serious amounts of information and design data to make your project amazing.

We’ll learn all about your needs, tastes, and functional lifestyle requirements. We study and research all project spaces and apply any applicable condo/strata association, building and zoning requirements.

*It may be in your best interest for us to bring in and work in tandem with a General Contractor, depending on overall scale and project timeline. We have developed a valued pool of professionals over the years – let us curate the best Team for your project based on trade/client dynamics.

Concept Development

It all starts with a concept – or series of concepts – a cornerstone theory that informs all decisions big and small, and guides us throughout the entire project.

Renderings – We will present our design ideas using CAD layouts and floorplans, detailed elevations, digital conceptual images, three dimensional images (where required), and material samples and finishes. During this exciting point in your project you will be able to visualize and FEEL the finished result before construction even begins.

Getting It Done Right

Design Documents – At this step, we put all our design decisions in ink on paper. We draft or procure all drawings and specifications the contractors/vendors need to execute the design. We also make purchase orders of all the items we need to purchase on your behalf to bring your vision to life.

Bidding & Purchasing – During this step we or our General Contractor send the drawings to bid, while walking you through the process at this stage. We’ll make all the soft goods and decorative fixtures purchases and coordinate deliveries. Items may be delivered and stored at our warehouse until you’re ready or they may be delivered directly to your home.

Project Monitoring – After we’ve awarded the project (or have brought in your General Contractor) and have all of the trades scheduled, we observe and oversee the project during construction. We’ll schedule regular site visits to meet with contractors and check on installations, and always be there to keep the construction moving towards the final overall design.

Crossing The Design Finish Line

Punch List – Once construction is heading into the end stages, we draft a punch list for all contractors and vendors; a document prepared near the end of a construction project listing work outstanding or not conforming to contract specifications. The work may include incomplete installations or incidental damage to existing finishes or materials.  Any deficiencies are dealt with in a prompt and professional manner, and coordinated by us.

Styling – The final step is styling. When ready for us, we come to you with art, accessories, and accents… all of the items purchased earlier to make the project perfect. Our team will arrange installation of all the furniture, puff your pillows, style your shelves, and even place candles and fresh flowers so that you can start enjoying your new spaces once the trades have packed it all in and have finished on site.

Professional Photography & Close Out

The work is done, your spaces look stunning… it’s time to capture the essence and ambiance of the project, come full circle. We book our photographer for a day of styling and shooting; client confidentiality and discretion is held in the highest regard. Many of our projects have been featured in Canadian media sources and online.

Sit back, take it all in, and fall

in LOVE with your new architectural design experience.






Need a one-time consult for a DIY project? We offer private expertise in-home, in-office, or via Skype (up to 1.5 hours) for $550.

Need our “Designer On-Call” service, to consult with at various stages of your project as-needed? We offer blocks of 10-hour design time for $1,700.


Perfect! We are more than able to join your project team and work with your established trades, but prefer to be brought in at project onset.