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We are the narrators of personality, core values, and soul – our stories are displayed in the collection of spaces we’ve conceived for the vast range of clients we’ve been honored to work with. Since launching in 2003, our team has been involved in hundreds of residential and commercial projects spanning across the Western provinces of Canada, including everything from straight-forward decorating and remodeling projects, to sizeable luxury new- builds and complex renovations.

Our team embodies a distinct flavour and dynamic with each new project, while our foundations are always built around integrity, authenticity, and transparency.  Although we are experts at “The Pretty”, creating one of a kind environments also requires an articulate background of form, function, longevity, and schematics. When designing each space, we are artists and technicians; our finished environments a beautiful synergy of innovative and functional thought.

Urban Theory has been featured and recognized by media forms Style At Home Magazine, The National Post, Covet Magazine, Canadian Retailer, Mint Magazine and Canadian Home Trends Magazine. We are on a mission to share fantastically chic and organically designed spaces with the world; perhaps your space will be next!




Crispin Butterfield is the creative force and mastermind behind Urban Theory; a graduate of the Bachelor of Applied Interior Design program at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta, her engaging personality and design-commerce savvy make her a valued and well-respected professional and mentor within her field. She’s able to uniquely see the parameters and vision of each project in ways her clients often cannot, and has honed the process and expertise required to grow incredible client relationships.

Crispin embraces a life full of ingenuity and imagination, fueled by raw ambition and a desire to leave her mark on the world. Her impeccable design style, expertise, and a rock-solid business acumen is the foundation which allows Urban Theory Interior Design to provide full scale services with authenticity, innovation, and ample amounts of personality.

Urban Theory Interior Design | Home Decor & Furniture |


We are the Canadian design firm that is obsessed with transforming living spaces into personal works of art.  At our core, we are playful style makers that are constantly seeking out fresh, unique viewpoints to expand our approach. Our favorite canvases are found in luxury residential spaces and boutique-type commercial domains where the occupants have the same infatuation with style and detail as we do – creating polished, organic and refreshing architectural experiences is what we are known for.