Our Process

Our Process

We offer a highly personalized and approachable design service, focusing on creating meticulously curated and polished-looking interiors.  We are a full-service design firm capable of taking on projects of many scopes and sizes, from the design and execution of extensive custom builds, to the planning of small unique spaces. Experience has shown that clients enjoy the design experience more when they understand our working process…

Every project is unique, but the process we follow is relatively the same once a design fee and contract have been approved:



Phase One

*initial discovery meetings + outlining

*site visits, measures, photography, documentation

1 – 2 weeks


Phase Two

*design preliminaries + programming… all the initial  “behind the scenes” work

*preliminary AutoCAD layouts, elevations, detailed drawings

*preliminary selections for entire materials + finishes, furnishings + décor/accessories

*initial client presentation + review; revisions where required

*final AutoCAD and working drawings presented to client

*final materials + finishes presented to client

*upon approval, procurement of detailed specifications lists… basically the project Bible

*procurement of quotes from trades + actual project budget determined and approved

6 – 8 weeks


Phase Three

*drawing + spec package provided to Builder/Contractor, appropriate tradespeople

*project schedule + trades facilitation… this is where the Magic happens!

*continual correspondence and communication with Builder/Contractor + tradespeople throughout project

*purchase, receiving/storing of all furnishings + design items

1 – 2 weeks for spec package; duration of each project varies


Phase Four

*coordination of delivery, move-in, and set up of design purchases with our professionals

*staging of project, photography for portfolio

*final walk-throughs and deficiencies resolutions

*closeout of project

Within 2 weeks of closeout


We offer a free 30 minute sit down in a comfortable and approachable atmosphere, where you can get to know us and we can determine if we’re the right firm for your project.

Working with a design company has its many benefits; our To-The-Trade discounts on many of the furnishings, decor, and window coverings needed to complete your spaces are a huge way to recoup your expenses at the end of your projects. Ask us how!