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5 Hot Design Double-Takes

Hello 2018! The new year brings with it an amazing new batch of design trends and key coveted items. I’ve narrowed down a top-five hot list of materials, finishes, furnishings, and décor to keep your eyes peeled for during the next few months. If you’re wondering what 2018 has in store for the design world, here we go….


The blessed textile industry is setting the mark for another year of big and bold prints and patterns on everything from dramatic drapery panels, to one-off toss pillows, bossy looking area rugs, table linens, and bohemian custom bedding. The trick to mixing in some bold fabric choices is to pair them with neutrals and solids for a tasteful blend of both, and to stick to one basic colour scheme – too many bold pops of colour can quickly get a little out of hand.


Kitchen and bath cabinet materials are leaning toward the simpler side of design this season, but that doesn’t mean your doorknobs and handles should take a back seat to style. Bling out your door hardware with playful selections in acrylic, glass, hand forged brass and bronze, and look for hardware that has rich detail and weight to it. These little touches up the ante in a major way, and add polish and refinement.


When looking for new furniture, you might be surprised to see some sumptuous curves and dips making their way back into the fold. The hard lined, clean edge contemporary pieces that have been so popular the past few years are beginning to fade out and we’re seeing sofas, chairs, and even over scale benches and ottomans showing up with gorgeous curves and softer details.


Artisan décor items from around the globe are still a hot commodity heading into 2018 – and thanks to the internet and local import outfits, it’s not all that difficult to get your hands on eclectic, one-of-a-kind statement pieces. Huge floor vases, abstract wall art, feathered juju hats and mandalas… this year you have my permission to get whimsical and think globally when it comes to décor ideas!


I’m a firm believer in mixing up your furnishing materials, and never matching or pairing up your end and coffee tables to your dressers and storage pieces. The best design schemes call for layering and mixing in finishes that complement one another, and a classic wood with white combo will do just the trick. Watch for servers, occasional pieces, and even bedroom furnishings that combine the earthiness of walnut or wire brushed oak, with classic matte or gloss white; the look is unique, timeless, and intriguing all in one.

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