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Creative Human by Crispin Butterfield

HAPPY NEW YEAR design friends!!

For the past few years I’ve had a secret idea brewing deep inside… something I would daydream about and plaster my vision board with, but never got around to taking actionable steps to bringing my idea to fruition.

Until. Now.

I’ve posted about this newly formed venture on Facebook and Instagram (links attached):





















Creative Human is a mentorship platform for interior designers, decorators, stylists, architects, and design students – a place we can all come together as a community and share ideas, experiences, expertise, and most importantly lend support to one another: something I felt I was extremely lacking once I left university and set out into the real world of interior design.


As a designer fresh out of school, I didn’t have any form of mentorship or resources until much later in my career to help me on my entrepreneurial journey. It was trial and error, loads of failure, amazing success, hard work, and everything in between. 15 years of running an interior design company has shown and taught me so much – people, mindset, strategy, self worth/value, the personal side of dealing with clients, growing networks… all the things they DON’T teach you in design school.

And it’s time to share it all with other designers just starting out, including seasoned pro’s in need of collaboration and a sense of community.

You don’t have to go it alone – we’ve got this. Formal website, videos, interviews, PDF’s, and more incredible discussion coming soon!