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Merry & Bright For The Holidays

Each year comes the time to deck your halls for the holidays – one of my favorite things about winter! If you’re looking for an alternate to the traditional Christmas red and green, you’ve come to the right place: here are five fresh and bright ideas to help give your spaces some holiday cheer, and bring in a lovely twist of the crisp outdoors…


I’ve been in love with these beauties for several years, and for several great reasons: a classic and modern shape, the star is gorgeous in any space, and even better when assembled as a grouping! Because of their timeless nature, they create a statement all on their own – consider hanging a cluster of white and gold in different sizes over a dining table, cascading down a large front window, or as we’ve done in the past, suspended over your front door outside.


Add several touches of fresh greenery in a few different spaces throughout your house in the form of simple little evergreens, nestled in galvanized metal pots or woven baskets, or freshly pruned branches tucked into Hurricane vases. Place them on an end table, beside a hearth, on a deep window ledge or mantle, or even on the end of a large kitchen island… No need to dress them up; simply letting them be will lift your spirits and add amazing aroma throughout the house all winter long.


This is the time of year you can go a little overboard with opulent and metallic finishes, and it won’t seem out of place. Candles, candle holders, frames, mirrored serving trays, glasses, vases, decorative accessories… the sky’s the limit really. I stumbled upon a neat DIY project, and it fits in perfectly here: gather some dried branches (scrape off loose debris and sand lightly), and spray paint with your favorite metallic paint finish… pop them in a tall floor vase or intertwine them on a dining table for a chic new tablescape.


Curl up beside a roaring fireplace or picturesque lake view with an oversize, cozy faux fur blanket; casually layering a luxurious throw over the back of a chair or draped on an ottoman is a beautiful way to stay warm over the holidays!


Ditch the bushy pine and cedar garlands and swags, and instead opt for something a little sleeker and more modern you can hang on your doors and mantles this year. Minimal feeling pieces made from magnolia or eucalyptus (or both!) are a simple and unfussy approach to adding touches of a more organic and chicer holiday style. I know just the perfect local floral Maven to make them for you too…

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